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WCEL Complete Final Tanks and Vessels to SCP Six Months Ahead of Schedule

West Cumberland Engineering are delighted to confirm the successful completion of the 2nd phase of Tanks and Vessels work for the SIXEP Continuity Plant, in collaboration with PPP.

The existing Site Ion Exchange Effluent Plant (SIXEP) at Sellafield has been operational since 1985, and is responsible for removing radioactivity from various streams on the site. A new treatment plant, called SIXEP Continuity Plant (SCP) is currently being built to replace the existing facility.

The tanks and vessels inside of SCP will act like kidneys, removing radioactivity from effluent streams before they can be safely released to the Irish Sea.

The 7 vessels shown in the photos are the final plant items to be delivered for this scope of work and have been completed 6 months ahead of schedule. This is testament to the hard work and dedication shown by the WCEL team involved in the fabrication and testing.

This comes after the successful delivery of Phase 1 of the project, 8 tanks and vessels, once again completed on budget and ahead of schedule. Manufacturing for Phase 1 commenced in October 2020 and across both Phase 1 and 2 WCEL have delivered 22 vessels to SCP as part of the works.

Phase 1 of the Tanks and Vessels project was completed in April 2022

Project Manager Martyn Mclean commented:

“This would not have been achievable without the great working relationship developed between WCEL and PPP throughout the course of the project.”

“This relationship started with the early contractor engagement with design reviews being undertaken collaboratively to resolve any technical and fabrication queries prior to manufacture. This collaborative working between WCEL & PPP has then allowed for any further issues which have arose throughout the project to be addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

“Well done to all involved!”