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Case Studies

Skip Retrieval Tool

Scope of Work Manufacture, inspect, package and deliver a Skip Retrieval Tool, along with complete Life Time Quality Records. The SRT replaced an existing tool that had been damaged beyond use; the existing tool was situated in an active area, meaning that it could not


The scope of work for this project was to manufacture, inspect, package and deliver thirteen individual Pipebridge modules, with incorporated pre-installation of cable containment and insulated pipework, along with complete Life Time Quality Records. Due to the requirements of the Quality Plan, this project required

Evaporator D

£6m PROJECT VALUE <2% WELD REPAIR RATE 35 PEAK MANPOWER At the time of construction, Evaporator D was the largest nuclear decommissioning project in the UK . It was designed to continue reduction of the volume of highly active legacy waste. With Evaporator C having